blue 01 03Legal Aid of North Carolina provides high quality civil legal services to low income residents of all 100 counties in North Carolina.  The Farmworker Unit (FWU) is a statewide project that serves migrant farmworkers.

Although farmworkers do very hard work and although without their labor we would not have the abundant food we do, they often struggle just to earn enough to feed and clothe their families.  North Carolina has the 5th or 6th largest population of farmworkers in the United States and the largest number of farmworkers who come to the United States on temporary visas to do farmwork.

FWU seeks to increase the level of socioeconomic integration of migrant farm workers to ensure full participation in society. We work toward this goal by protecting and enforcing the employment and civil rights of migrant workers and by protecting and enforcing the contractual and statutory obligations under H2-A worker contracts and other legal rights of H-2A workers. Our hope is to ensure that migrant workers are afforded equal opportunity to live and work safely, and in accordance with federal, state and international law.