Seasonal and Migrant farmworker are considered “essential critical infrastructure workers” during the COVID-19 pandemic to maintain our communities feed while risking their own health. Farmworkers already face numerous challenges to protect themselves and their families and even more drastically during times of emergency due to isolation, language barriers, lack of transportation, and lack of connection to services in the community.

As we navigate these unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic the farmworker Unit will continue monitoring developments and share resources and guidelines for seasonal and migrant farmworkers in North Carolina.

To keep up with federal and state level health recommendations follow:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website:

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) website:

NCDHHS provided on March 26, 2020 guidance for Migrant Farmworkers, Employers and Housing Providers during COVID-19:

Resources for Seasonal and Migrant Farmworkers and their families

What is COVID-19? (in Spanish)






CDC COVID-19 Symptoms Flyer (in Spanish)






CDC COVID-19 Prevention Flyer (in Spanish)






Know Your Rights for H2A Workers and Employer Meal Plans (in Spanish)

During COVID-19 it is likely employers will promote meals plans to workers to reduce exposure but it is important to note these are not mandatory and workers have the right to accept or deny meal programs. Learn more and share with H2A workers.

updated 4/15/20



Farmworker Advocacy Network (FAN) Safety Poster for Migrant Labor Camps 

the Safety Poster for Migrant Labor Camps in North Carolina was developed to equip farmworkers with contact information for local emergency services and resources, information that is particularly crucial in the wake of a natural disaster or pandemic.

updated 3/30/20



North Carolina Justice Center Immigrant Access to Health Care & Benefits in Time of Emergency Flyer

in Spanish 

in English

updated 3/14/20


Contact information for all Farmworker Health Agencies in North Carolina

updated 4/9/20




How to file a North Carolina Department of Labor Housing  complaint

For Farmworkers (in Spanish)

For Advocates (in Spanish)

For Advocates (in English)

(updated 4/29/20)


H2A Farmworkers Eligibility for Federal Benefits during COVID-19 

Information on eligibility for H2A farmworkers on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the CARES Act passed by the federal goverment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

in English

in Spanish


H2A Farmworkers Economic Impact Payments Eligibility 

in English

in Spanish




The Workers Protection Standard and COVID-19

in English

in Spanish




Retaliatory Employment Discrimination during COVID-19 Infographic 

in English

in Spanish




Know Your Rights for Migrant Farmworkers and Employer Provided Housing (in Spanish)

Employers are required to provide a safe and in good conditions housing under the North Carolina Migrant Housing Act even during COVID-19. Handout answers frequently asked question related to employer provided housing during COVID-19.