Our clients are our priority and continue to inspire us to do our work. Due to the intimidation that farmworkers face daily at the workplace, many of them fear demanding their rights or speaking up in public about their experiences doing so. To honor their courage and determination we will respect their desire to remain anonymous jn their testimony if they request privacy. 

watermelon2I’m a migrant worker, I love fieldwork, and Legal Aid really helped me when things were bad. In 2011 Hurricane Irene came, and it was a disaster. The watermelons were ruined and we couldn’t finish our work. We went to the unemployment office, but we couldn’t get unemployment.  Legal Aid was good to me. They found out that our boss said we weren’t employees. That’s why unemployment couldn’t process my application. Legal Aid helped me a lot with the paperwork, all the W-2s and necessary papers, to get me named as an employee. Eventually I did get my unemployment for that ruined season.

Legal Aid also found out that our boss wasn’t paying us what he owed us. They helped me sue. They asked all the questions, they were on time, everything went just fine. I knew things were going to take a minute, but I appreciated it. Eventually I was able to get what our boss took from us. Legal Aid was good to us, because they helped us when we were getting cheated. I didn’t know how to fight the discrimination and cheating I was facing, so I am glad for their help. I would recommend others in a bad situation ask Legal Aid for help.”

– Legal Aid Client