MFW2011 Sandias 01H-2A contracts provide for certain benefits.  You are covered by an H-2A contract:

  • If you have an H-2A visa to work for your employer, or
  • Even if you do not have an H-2A visa, but you work for a farm where H-2A workers are employed and you do the same type of work the H-2A workers do.


Your rights under an H-2A contract include:

  • $11.46 per hour for all your work in 2018.  Even if you are working on a piece rate, your earnings should equal $11.46 for all the hours you work each week;
  • Reimbursement at the middle of your contract for the cost you paid for your transportation from your home to North Carolina and the cost of your meals on your journey;
  • Payment for the cost of your transportation and meals for your journey back to your home or on to your next job when you finish your contract;
  • A 75% guarantee — you are guaranteed pay equal to 75% of the hours promised in the contract if the employer provides you with fewer hours of work during the contract period;
  • Free tools necessary to do your job, such as gloves and rain gear;
  • Wage statements for each week that accurately show the number of hours you worked, the number of units you picked and your pay;

You also have the right to keep your passport and other identification documents.

If you are an H-2A worker and you are considering leaving your job before the contract ends, please click here for more information. We offer you answers to the most common questions H-2A workers ask our office.

If you are an H-2A worker or work on a farm with H-2A workers, click here for the most updated version of our Know Your Rights Booklet for H2A Workers in North Carolina (Spanish).