The Rights of H-2B Workers (Spanish)

Download this flyer to learn about the rights of H-2B workers.

(Updated on 03/18)






Field Sanitation Infographic (Spanish)

Download this infographic to learn about field sanitation requirements.

Read more about this infographic. 

(Updated on 04/2024)



Your Rights Under the H-2A Contract (Spanish)

If you are working for a farm where H-2A workers are employed, and you perform the same job duties as H-2A workers, you are covered by their contract and have the same rights!

(Updated on 09/20)





Sexual Harassment Infographic (Spanish)


Download this infographic to learn more about sexual harassment at the workplace and how you can protect yourself from it.

(Updated on 12/16)








Farmworker Unit brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about our work.



Haitian Creole 

(updated on 12/16)



Human Trafficking Fact sheet (English/Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn more about human trafficking, how you can protect yourself, and where to report and/or ask for help.

(updated on 10/19)







FAN NC Farmworkers and Disasters Fact Sheet

Download the North Carolina Farmworkers and Disaster Factsheet which helps emphasize the unique challenges farmworkers face during natural disasters.

(updated on 8/19)








Natural Disaster Fact sheet (Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn the main types of natural disasters in NC and learn how to prepare.


(updated on 04/24)







Food Sales under the H-2A contract (Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn about food sales under the H-2A contract.


(updated in 2024)






Your Rights if Considering Leaving the Contract Early (in Spanish)

Frequently asked questions by H2A workers about their legal rights if considering leaving the H2A contract early.

It is important to know EVERYONE has the right to leave their work at ANY TIME.

(updated 2024)