The Rights of H-2B Workers (Spanish)

Download this flyer to learn about the rights of H-2B workers.

(Updated on 03/18)






Field Sanitation Infographic (Spanish)

Download this infographic to learn about field sanitation requirements.

Read more about this infographic. 

(Updated on 02/18)



Your Rights Under the H-2A Contract (English)

H2A Workers EnglishIf you are working for a farm where H-2A workers are employed, and you perform the same job duties as H-2A workers, you are covered by their contract and have the same rights!

(Updated on 06/19)





Sexual Harassment Infographic (Spanish)


Download this infographic to learn more about sexual harassment at the workplace and how you can protect yourself from it.

(Updated on 12/16)




Farmworker Unit brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about our work.



Haitian Creole

(updated on 12/16)



Human Trafficking Fact sheet (English/Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn more about human trafficking, how you can protect yourself, and where to report and/or ask for help.

(updated on 10/19)







FAN NC Farmworkers and Disasters Fact Sheet

Download the North Carolina Farmworkers and Disaster Factsheet which helps emphasize the unique challenges farmworkers face during natural disasters.

(updated on 8/19)








Natural Disaster Fact sheet (Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn the main types of natural disasters in NC and learn how to prepare.


(updated on 8/19)







Food Sales under the H-2A contract (Spanish)

Download this fact sheet to learn about food sales under the H-2A contract.


(updated on 5/20)







Census 2020 and Farmworkers (in Spanish)

It is important ALL farmworkers get counted in the 2020 Census. Handout specifically helpful for farmworkers living in migrant labor camps.